Scrap Expo 2023 Safety Committee

Jim "Mac" Macaluso, Scrap Expo Safety/Equipment Coordinator
Brian Babcock Yard Manager, Toledo Shredding
David Borsuk, Industry Expert
Mike Meyers, Industry Expert
David Meyers Operations Manager, OmniSource
Jim Smith Safety, Manager, Metalico
Bruce Blue, Industry Expert
Jim Wiseman, Executive Vice Preisdent, Smart Recycling



Scrap Expo is committed to providing a safe and healthy exhibit for every person in attendance. By planning an efficient and safe event all those who attend will benefit from a safe environment.

Prevention of accidents is the key to any safety plan and everybody must work with this in mind. It takes everybody’s cooperation and alertness to assure the live demonstration will result with no accidents, incidents and most important no injuries. It is our ultimate goal to accomplish a live demonstration in the safest possible manner and therefore the safety policies will apply to everyone entering the site.

We have procedures and guidelines to achieve a safe event and have put an on-site team in charge of assuring a safe site. All attendees at this exhibit should immediately notify their nearest vendor or staff member if they are not familiar with our procedures and guidelines and if at any time, they feel unsafe, recognize an issue or simply would like additional information or instructions.

Although Scrap Expo strives to assure a safe environment it is still everyone’s responsibility to act in a safe manner and help support the guidelines that are in place for everyone’s safety. If you have not been provided an introduction to the procedures required on site, feel additional explanations are needed or have not been provided personal protective equipment (PPE) for your time at the live event you may not enter the demonstration area. See a staff member to resolve these issues. We count on each and everyone’s awareness to look out for themselves and those around them.



Scrap Expo support staff will be responsible for reviewing the Safety Program with all attendees, in addition every vendor will provide additional safety information for use or demonstration of their equipment and tools that is in accordance with OSHA’s Code of Federal Regulations established for Construction & General Industry. It is imperative that all attendees follow the safety rules that are in place, and just as important, be aware of all barriers and signs that indicate a safe environment as well as areas of potential hazards. All instructions must be followed.

Attendees will be in an event area where live equipment is being used. To assure the safest conditions, all equipment has been designated to perform in a specific area and has been provided safe distances for operations. These safe areas are for the operation of the equipment and must not be entered into at any time without the express consent of the vendor managing the equipment and/or if accompanied by a safety marshal.

  1. Scrap Expo has arranged the site and layout so the exhibits can proceed in a safe manner.
  2. The safety team will conduct safety meetings with all attendees and vendors.
  3. All those who enter the site will be provided information on how to recognize the safety marshals.
  4. Scrap Expo has established assembly areas, walking locations and paths as well as working areas for all equipment and tools and has designated each area with safety requirements. These will include:
    1. Safety Fencing
    2. Barriers
    3. Signage
    4. Verbal instructions
  5. All restrictions and signage must be followed.

Items to consider while at the live demonstration include, but are not limited to:

  • Site Hazards
    1. Vehicle Traffic
    2. Access on/off the demonstration site
    3. Uneven surfaces
    4. Flying debris
    5. Moving equipment
    6. Other pedestrians
  • Access and Movements
    1. Attendees should follow the general paths provided and not stray outside of areas designated as part of the live demonstration
    2. Attendees should use walkways, stairs and ramps as provided
    3. Attendees WILL NOT ENTER any area where equipment is operating unless provided specific permission by a vendor and or a safety marshal. Should an attendee enter, equipment must be stopped by the exhibitor immediately.
    4. Attendees should be aware and follow all warnings provided on signage placed throughout the event
    5. Attendees should be aware that vehicles such as cars and buses may be accessing the site for movement of others and should yield to any moving vehicles as well as minimize the use of traffic roads for access.
  • Workers and Attendees - Safety Needs
    1. Safety equipment will be provided to all those in attendance
    2. Safety equipment (PPE) shall consist of hard hat, high visibility vest, safety glasses and ear protection.
    3. All PPE will be worn at any time when outside a designated safe area. Only where it is noted as a safe location may PPE be removed.
    4. Instructions will be provided on how to wear the provided PPE. Any items that do not properly work should be replaced immediately by contacting a staff member.
    5. An emergency medical technician and first aid station is provided at the main staging area of the event
    6. In case of an Emergency or ANY accident, no matter what size, contact with a safety marshal is required.
    7. Call 911 for any immediate emergency
  • Material Handling and Equipment Staging Area
    1. Equipment has been staged in designated spaces to avoid crowding and minimize the number of hazards in any area.
    2. Equipment used in most cases has a specific turning and swing radius that results in a safe zone around the entire piece of equipment. Attendees MUST NOT enter or be located in the radius zone of any equipment.
    3. Processing equipment will move material after preparation that will be conveyed at a high speed to a location outside of the equipment. Attendees MUST NOT enter or be located in the material drop zone of this equipment.
    4. Only specific users and/or operators of the equipment should be at or on the equipment at any given time.
    5. Hand tools for use of cutting or material processing create a radius area of potential flying debris. This area has been designed and designated for each piece being demonstrated, and attendees must remain outside of the noted safe line or demarcation unless invited or provided clearance by the subject vendor.
    6. While located in any designated equipment staging area for observation or use, attendees will be required to maintain their use of the provided PPE consisting of hard hat, safety glasses, high visibility vest and hearing protection.
    7. Signs and barriers will be put in place for each location and attendees must follow provided instructions and not pass through the subject barriers without specific authorization.
    8. Vendors will provide trained and certified equipment operators for all pieces of equipment on display. Attendees should not handle or operate any equipment that does not have an operator for any equipment or tools.
  • Vehicle Movement
    1. Busses, trucks and regular motor vehicles will be on-site throughout the event. Attendees should be aware of their surroundings and yield to all moving vehicles.
    2. If attendees are using their own vehicle, they should park in designated locations only.
    3. Follow all posted signs for parking and yield to all pedestrian crossings.
    4. Heavy equipment uses backup and movement alarms. Attendees should be aware of this alarm and check their surrounding area for any potential hazards when heard.
  • Tools and Equipment
    1. Vendors will assure all equipment is in proper working condition and are responsible for providing a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) which has identified hazards beforehand and has an exhibit-specific plan to address each.
    2. It is the vendors responsibility to do a pre-job hazard analysis to ensure the site is safe.
    3. Any tools or equipment not specifically noted for use by a vendor should not be used or operated by attendees.
    4. Any concerns or noted defect on tools or equipment should be communicated to a vendor or safety marshal immediately and should not be used.
  • Public Protection
    1. Temporary fencing will be put in place and should not be moved or adjusted.
    2. Traffic control will be provided by safety marshals. Attendees and vendors will abide by all instructions provided.
    3. Warning and directional signs will be in place and should be followed at all times.
  • Property Protection
    1. The live event takes place on extended property. All attendees should remain within the live event area as it is part of this safety plan. Any decision to leave this area is not advised and is not under the privy of Scrap Expo providing safety, support or medical aid.
    2. Authorized areas will be designated and should not be entered into without specific authorization.
  • COVID-19 Protocols
    1. Scrap Expo will follow best practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as abide by the legal mandates and recommendations from both the state of Kentucky and Jefferson County, found on the Kentucky Department of Public Health’s website:



Attendees are encouraged to inform “safety marshals” of known or suspected hazards encountered.

  1. In the event of an emergency contact a safety marshal and/or call 911. Safety Marshals will be wearing red safety vests. First aid will be provided September 12 and 13, on-site during live demonstration hours.
  2. If there is an immediate threat, spread the alarm in a calm manner– pass the word.
  3. In the event of an emergency contact a safety marshal and/or call 911. Safety Marshals will be wearing red safety vests. First aid will be provided September 12 and 13, on-site during live demonstration hours.
  4. Any evacuation required will result in meeting at the general assembly area. Attendees should check in with a safety marshal before leaving the site to assure all attendees and personnel are accounted for.
  5. All safety marshals will have means of communication – Attendees are encouraged to communicate with safety marshals any concerns or reach out for any clarifications and instructions – better to ask then assume.
  6. EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION – In the case of an emergency that requires all equipment to shut down and an evacuation of the Live Event Area and air horn will be used to notify all attendees and vendors. All personnel will be evacuated to the parking lot located adjacent to the Live Event Area. The Horn notification will consist of three short blasts followed by one long blast. Safety marshals and staff will assist in directing attendees and vendors to the proper muster point. No personnel will return to the event area until safety marshals have provided an all-clear and authorization to return.


  1. Hydraulic excavators and material handlers with grapples, grabs, hydraulic shears and hydraulic processors
  2. Wheel loader with bucket
  3. 18-wheel end dump trucks
  4. Miscellaneous hand tools – hydraulic breakers and generators
  5. Remote-controlled equipment – excavator type and drones
  6. Balers
  7. Shredders
  8. Crushers
  9. E.L.V. Systems


  1. Perform safety meeting with safety marshals, vendor crews and operators to discuss:
    1. Safe Operating Zones
    2. Entry of attendees – orientation / instructions
    3. Attendees' safe use of equipment
    4. Assurance of PPE by all
    5. Communication to all
    6. Authorization to shut down
    7. Malfunctions
    8. Emergency evacuation locations
    9. Equipment inspections
    10. Proper housekeeping
  2. Safe Operating Zones
    1. Vendors and operators will review area for any hazards prior to start of work and remove any and all prior to event.
    2. Vendors and operators will maintain the integrity of the work zone and will not move equipment or any part thereof out of this designated area including space for the handling of materials by the equipment.
    3. Vendors and operators will inspect the Safe Zone after each use of equipment and assure the area is maintained.
    4. Vendors and operators will assure no unauthorized attendees enter the safe zone until given permission.
  3. Entry of attendees – orientation / instructions
    1. Vendors will authorize attendees for entry into Safe Zone.
    2. Operators will provide instruction on the safe use of equipment.
  4. Attendees' safe use of equipment
    1. Any unsafe operations by attendees will be shut down immediately and vendor will notify safety marshals of incident.
  5. Assurance of PPE by all
    1. Vendors will assure all attendees are donning their PPE.
    2. No attendees will be allowed to enter safe zone without proper PPE.
  6. Communication to all
    1. Vendors and operators will maintain continuous communication with all attendees and safety marshals.
  7. Authorization to shut down
    1. Vendors and operators have the right to shut down for any reason deemed necessary.
  8. Malfunctions
    1. Any equipment failures or malfunctions will result in immediate shutdown of equipment and notification to safety marshals.
    2. Any malfunction resulting in a fluid loss is to be contained as best and safely as possible.
  9. Emergency evacuation locations
    1. Attendees, vendors and operators will evacuate to parking lot area in case of emergency
  10. Equipment inspections
    1. Vendors and operators will complete an equipment inspection prior to use in the event and after each use by an attendee.
  11. Proper housekeeping
    1. Vendors and operators will maintain a clean work area and will take the necessary time to assure the safe zone is free from debris which might create a hazard for any attendees. This effort will take place throughout the event.
Download Scrap Expo Safety Plan