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John Sacco

John Sacco

President and Co-Owner, Sierra International Machinery

John Sacco is President and Co-Owner of Sierra International Machinery, an industry leader for the sale and support of processing equipment for the recycling and waste industries, and Vice President and Co-Owner of Sierra Recycling & Demolition, a Sacco family-owned recycling and demolition facility located in Bakersfield, California since 1959.

Sacco also hosts the hit podcast Pile of Scrap, where he interviews industry leaders and goes behind the scenes of the recycling industry to offer insight into the world’s 5th most dangerous industry.

As a past Chair of ISRI and Executive Committee member, Sacco has held numerous leadership positions within ISRI over the years. Including Chair of the Leadership Committee; ISRI Resources board member; president of ISRI’s Southwestern Chapter; Chair of the Member Services Committee; and Chair of the Chapter Presidents’ Council.

Sacco graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing in 1984 and contributed to the inception of Sierra International Machinery shortly after.


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